Ertera Book 2 Twilight of the Empire Cover

Would you commit treason for a murderer?

What if your family were at risk if you didn’t? The last high priestess of the Raru-din order, Eléra, is forced to make this choice. A choice that brings her face-to-face with a dragon.
Devastating news provokes Cassius to vengeance. Although his sources can’t be trusted his grief drives him to risk it all.
Will the Argarians trace the origin of the forbidden black crystals and their caster? Could they rely on help from an old friend with questionable allegiance?
The fast-paced sequel of Rising Shadows takes us on an adventure where more secrets are uncovered. Relationships, loyalty and honour are challenged amidst the decline of the utopian Empire of Ertera.
Risk venturing into the ever-expanding world of Ertera.
Beware, here there be dragons.