The Origin of Places chronicles the history of iconic places in Ertera (and other realms) in my totally imaginary fantasy universe. Some may call it a world-building device, but to the true Rebels, this is pure arcana brought to light.

The Sprouting Of Ilialoe 200 L.H. (About 2800 Years Ago)

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The planting of the purple palace was a historic event in the history of Ertera for many reasons[1]. The main reason was to commemorate the signing of the Concordat of Peace. All parties deemed the Argarians best suited to the task of maintaining this peace. So, it came to be that the Argarians ruled Ertera for a time from their crystal palace.

The Argarians selected four planting sites as anchor points for the palace. On the eve of the lunar alignment King Roanan Triphire, Crown Prince Roarian, and generals Gwendilin Stormstride and Kalain Dragonmirth lead four teams to these sites. They planted four amethyst mordials[2] in the valley of Emuri. Two on the west bank of the Amuric river and two on the east bank. The mordials unleashed their magic potential, shooting roots down deep into the ground before sending shoots high into the night sky gleaming bright purple.

Illustration of the sprouting of Ilialoe by yours truly, keeping it as accurate as memory and skill would serve me.

The purple palace grew from mordials and beam art on the night the moons aligned.

All of a sudden, the shoots started swaying, then undulated trying to find something to twine around. High above the rushing Amuric river the shoots finally found each other. As if this signalled hope to the other shoots still twirling aimlessly more shoots started twining in this direction. The shoots started forming structures as dictated by the Grand Architect Mage of the Argarian court. She stood above the rushing waters in the middle of the river weaving her beam art[3] around the mordial growth.

At last, the spire of Ilialoe rose high into the moonlit night. The four planting sites now transformed into grandiose gateways with roads leading up to the palace like gangways to an airship. The lilac luminosity faded from the amethyst leaving the crystal mass glittering in the light of the moons. Ilialoe towered over the Amuric and emitted a soft hum as the magic surged through the palace walls.

The crystal keeps growing till this day like layers of bark on a tree. Consequently, the purple palace of today is a much deeper colour than when it first sprouted on that spellbinding evening so long ago. And if you listen closely you can still hear the gentle hum of magic.

For The Curious…

[1] Why such a treaty would be needed and between which parties is another story altogether, and perhaps one for another time.

[2] More commonly called pods although not technically correct, since pods are botanical and mordials are magical, but permissible when discussing the case of Ilialoe since the magic did adopt plant-like qualities.

[3] Beam art is an oversimplification of the magic system employed by the Argarians. However, it is more of a descriptive name for their magic as it paints the picture of what you would see once their magic system is at work; beams of light that twirl in splendid patterns to do as the wielder wills.