Feurix Book Cover

One mysterious rendezvous, a ring, and an elm tree later Alph is running for his life…

"My name is Alph, bio-engineer at EnviroTech with multiple PhD’s, and a regular at Doctor Lilith Whitmore. Nothing kinky there, she’s mypsychiatrist. I’ve been her patient since I was ten. That’s the same time my parents, of whom I only have vague memories, mysteriously disappeared, and I went to live with my aunt and uncle who didn’t know much about my parents either. Lilith thinks I will eventually remember them when I’ve dealt with the trauma. She also diagnosed me with paranoia which she later downgraded to hypervigilance. I don’t even know if that’s a thing, but she seems to think her prescription drugs are doing their job. Only, dear Lilith was wrong. People were really watching me, following my every move and on my twenty-first birthday they crawled out the woodwork and turned my pretty regular life upside down. Now I’m a fugitive on the run with an immense task of finding an elite group of people, the Wielders."

Alph is just your regular paranoid genius doing classified research, but one odd Tuesday he receives a mysterious envelope that changes everything.

Following the enclosed instructions he unravels the mystery of his parents’ disappearance, receives a secret inheritance, and learns that a shadow organisation has spied on him his entire life…

Why him? What’s so special about a paranoid bio-engineer? Or does he have something they want?

Feurix is an Urban Fantasy with a Supernatural Mystery and Suspense twist. If you enjoy uncovering secrets, solving mysteries, and the rush of intriguing plots you’ll love this introduction to Meraki’s Mirror-Ring Chronicles.

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